Top 5 Fat Burning Workouts For KILLER Abs

Top 5 Fat Burning Workouts For KILLER Abs

    There is no doubt that the gym is an important factor in strengthening the body and protect it from fatigue and weakness. But most of us may not have the time and money to go to a sports club. keep exercising in the home may be the best choice for them.

    So we'll see five ways to strengthen the core, get the most benefit from your daily life and help you lose belly fat fast and easy and build that killer ab that everyone wants to get.

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    Top 5 Fat Burning Workouts For Killer Abs

    1- Hanging Leg Raise

    This exercise will strengthen the upper, lower and muscles of the anterior hip, as well as the oblique (lateral) abdominal muscles and help you lose fat.

    This exercise is quite simple. All you have to do is hanging on a bar with Bending your knees and feet slightly. Keep bending it simultaneously. Lift your hips and bend down your back underneath you, and lift your thighs to your chest slowly at the same time. Lift your knees together as far as possible towards your chest and try to make it touch your chest.

    2- Sitting knee pads

    This way is a powerful workout to Strengthen your lower abdominals and your hip flexors, and it's super easy to help you lose belly fat fast.

    Before you get started to exercise, make sure the bench or the platform you are using is stable. All you have to do to get the maximum benefit of this workout is to hold tension on your abs until the end of the set. and increase the intensity by placing a weight between your ankles every two sets.

    3- Ab Wheel Rollout

    this workout (Ab Wheel Rollout) helps your heart moves to prevent your back from arching While flexing the spine to stretch and shrink your abs with a full set of motion. this is a hard challenge for your the six-pocket muscle, abdominal right as well as for the deep spine stabilizers. This makes the AB roll a powerful tool to get a stronger and more muscular core.

    4- V-Ups

    V-Ups, when done properly, can strengthen the lower back, lower abdominal and the upper muscles. This workout doesn't need machines but more space.

    5- Hanging windscreen wipers

    Do you really want to build serious abs and lose belly fat fast and easy? so This advanced workout is for you. Use a pull bar and lift your legs like a swinging leg lift. Keep your legs accurate and rotate them from side to side. this training is the most powerful and advanced workout if you want to get a fixed, strong and sculpted body.


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